The Glistening Stalactites of Lagbasan Caves, Up Close and Personal!

(Note: My Lagbasan Cave adventure can be found on this site )

Lagbasan Cave has two huge cathedral-like chambers (one is estimated to be 300meters long and the other 500meters long)  filled with magnificent array of speleothems or cave formations like dripstones (stalactites and stalagmites), flowstone (drapery) and cave crystals.

Lagbasan pertains to a mountain pass used by indigenous people in Brgy. Kuden in Sen. Ninoy Aquino, to go to the town proper and back to their mountain community. Lagbasan Cave got its name from this pass, since it is located right beside it. Mr. Charito Santiago was the first person to discover and explore the cave , after a farmer reported seeing birds coming out of hole on the side of the mountain. What was discovered beneath that 2 x 4 feet hole was a huge limestone cavern system the size of a gymnasium. Lagbasan Cave is located some 20km from  brgy. hall by (rough road) then another 1 km of  trekking thru the Lagbasan Pass. The opening hole is 3 feet wide by 6 feet length then you get into the chamber after a 10 meter of descent.